Bliss Catcher & Master of Errors

novel 2018

Last novel of scope, written in Russian between 2011 and 2019 in Russia and France.
The book was published in January 2020, in Russian.

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The Chameleons

novel 2010, 2 vol.

last novel of scope, written in Russian over more than five years, a major and important text of over 900 pages (two volum), dealing with today’s Russia, with war, with the Chechen question, among other issues, in the face of existential problems of our (and indeed any) age.

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novel, 2005, 2008, 2011

Written in France, this novel is contemporary and demanding. Philosophical realism, universal reach, high literary quality – such are the assets of this text with multiple facets and directions; a thrilling book and a mine of information on various topics. It is aimed above all at readers keen to discover people who are different from them, readers who still believe that writing, literature and art are invested with a mission.

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The Stars’ Sickness or the Ripe Years of a Misanthrope

novel, 1998, 2011

first novel of the author, written in France and soon published in Russia by a big publishing house, was a major surprise for the critics: it was unusually wide-ranging (130 chapters, 1200 pages), looked at the inner reality of the Russian culture from an unexpected distance, and, furthermore, was entirely at odds with the postmodernists who were then widely popular in Russia.

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