1503, 2014

Ukrainian collapse & Slavic world, by Dostoevsky

Во всем сказанном и показанном за последнее время о Киеве правды, конечно, очень мало, и искать ее – это искать иголку в стоге сена. Чудовищные противоречия, интересы и аппетиты самых настоящих чудовищ сплелись воедино. Пытаться […]

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612, 2012

Сrisis in France and around the world: towards chaos or war ?


Sorry! Оnly the French version оf this article il available…


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1711, 2012

Writers give up their spouses to write…

Sorry! This commentary is available only in Russian and French…


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1708, 2012

interview-divertissement with author

Interview-divertissement with author, 2012, Moscow
in Russian

Few words about Presidents and literature… Interview-divertissement with V. Repin, realized by children and with the agreement of the author.




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